[JDEV] Stress testing and connection limits

Colin Putney cputney at whistler.net
Wed Jun 14 14:42:52 CDT 2000

-- Chuck Bohling <chuck at ultris.com> wrote:

> ulimit on my Linux server that jserver is running on reports 1024
> open file handles. I've tried changing that number with ulimit but
> I'm not sure if the number of handles really changes. I don't think
> so. The implication from what you've said is that the max number of
> jabber users connected at one point is limited. In my case, 1024. Is
> that true? Isn't that as fairly serious restriction? I was expecting
> to have a powerful server with 10's maybe 100's of thousands of
> connected users. Can the kernel be rebuilt with a larger size? If I
> change the limit to 100,000 or 200,000, will Linux still run?

It's not actually a problem with file handles, but rather the way the 
fd_set data type is implemented in libc. Most unices have the same 
problem. That's why we need to avoid select(), which pth doesn't do, 
because using select is more portable.

You're right. This is a very serious restriction.


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