[JDEV] Group chat setup? (with winjab it's no-go)

Peter Saint-Andre psaintandre at corp.webb.net
Wed Jun 14 15:59:39 CDT 2000

Has anyone responded to this one yet? Unfortunately I don't have the answer,
but I know Doug would appreciate one. :)


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> From: Doug Monroe [mailto:monroe at lucent.com]
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> Subject: [JDEV] Group chat setup? (with winjab it's no-go)
> I don't know if this question is appropos to the JDEV list 
> but I can't find a
> way to do group chats using a jserver and WinJab combo.
> Normal one-to-one chats work just fine.
> According to Fig. 7 on:
> http://www.jabbercentral.com/support/view.php?support_id=956283862
> there's a Group chat option (though it sayeth not how to 
> access said feature).
> I assumed this was accessed via WinJab->Join a Group (F7)
> but in trying that I run into problems.
> It asks for 
>  Group:
>  Server:
>  Nick: 
> attributes...I enter what I think are valid bits:
>  Group: ABMgroup
>  Server: penguin.wh.lucent.com
>  Nick: foo
> and I get a "Group ABMgroup" window that opens and looks just like the
> "screenshot-winjab-groupchat" image on the page ref'd above 
> except the lower
> right corner has a red "X" button instead of the "Send, Nick, 
> Close, Hide,
> Invite" buttons, along with a "Please wait...connecting"
> message (in red) that does not connect (neither does it 
> timeout or go away)
> Debug shows:
>   SENT: <presence to="ABMgroup at penguin.wh.lucent.com/foo"/>
> then I get the red "Please wait...connecting" message. 
> If Group chat is cancelled, I get:
>   SENT: <presence to="ABMgroup at penguin.wh.lucent.com" 
> type="unavailable"/>
> my jabber spool does not have any such "ABMgroup" JID, the 
> ABMgroup is a local
> (to me) roster grouping...maybe group names need to be
> set on the server side?? My jabber server spool currently holds:
> $ ls
> abm.xml      brownpatrick.xml  eduardomiller.xml  ryurkovic.xml
> abmdemo.xml  ckrulik.xml       gerard.xml         studioc.xml
> anuj.xml     dwm.xml           rbrandwein.xml
> FWIW- none of this seems very intuitive from my perspective.
> Any clues as to getting group chat working are appreciated.
> Is there some server side component I'm missing, or some 
> config option needing
> to be set? 
> --
> Thanks!
> Doug
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