[JDEV] Group chat setup? (with winjab it's no-go)

David Waite mass at ufl.edu
Thu Jun 15 09:08:33 CDT 2000

Chris wrote:

> Groupchats go through transports that support groupchat (the
> groupchat-transport, yahoo, IRC and any others I missed). You can't just
> start a groupchat without going through one of those transports. IMO WinJab
> shouldn't let you type in the name of a server because the only servers you
> will be able to connect to are those the server admin has setup and those
> will be listed in the drop-down menu. Pick a groupchat server from the
> "Server:" drop-down menu. Type in the name of the group and the nick you
> want to use.

Not really - I can connect to remote servers as well. Use icq.jabber.com to
allow for using two ICQ accounts at once, etc.

But yes, groupchat requires that there is a groupchat-transport running on the
server. you make a channel and specify a nickname, and you are there.

> To set up a general "jabber users" groupchat, get the groupchat-transport
> (from CVS or the tar-ball). Build and install it then add a new block for it
> in the <agents></agents> block of jserver.xml. To get groupchat as an
> option, remember to add <groupchat/> to the list of commands you can send
> the transport.
> HTH,
> Chris

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