[JDEV] Fwd: pls clear my doubt..

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Tue Jun 20 09:13:20 CDT 2000

  Well, first I need a bit more data..

  What version of jabber have you installed?  That's a biggie.  Also, is this 
particular server inside of a private network, or public?  If it doesn't have 
network access, remove the dso refrences for mod_version from the jserver.xml 
file.  This module will attempt to contact jabber.org to check for 
available 'updates'.

  Can you send the log file generated by jserver -D?

  You also may want to try the jdev public list.  I'm also forwarding this for 
your convience..

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Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2000 5:09:59 AST
From: jkradhakrishnan at idika.com
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Subject: pls clear my doubt..
To: tcharron at jabber.org
I have a doubt regarding jabber IM.
I installed all packages including pth and adns.
but while starting the chat server,am getting a message
"failed to establish connection with etherx".
pls tell me how to move forward..

Thomas Charron
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