[JDEV] proxy/firewall

chandan sonaye chandans at mahindrabt.com
Wed Jun 21 04:24:08 CDT 2000

Hi all,

     We are developing Instant Messaging client using jabber server.
     We are using JabberCOM32 com object for our client developement.
      Now , we are facing following problem.

      We are behind firewall / proxy server. We have installed jabber
server on linux machine (which is on the internet).
      In order to connect to our client to jabber server , we enabled
the port No. 5222
       on  proxy serevr to send jabber server requests at port No. 5222.
But still we are
      not able to connect to jabber server from behind proxy / firewall.

      Do we need to change our client code?
      If yes, can you please elaborate on the code changes that we need
to do? (we are using JabberCOM32  com object)

     Thanking you,


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