[JDEV] debian packages for jabber transports??

elijah wright elw at stderr.org
Wed Jun 21 19:29:36 CDT 2000

> > my basic problem is that the debianized packages available don't seem to
> > include the jabber transports
> That's because none besides jabber-transport are stable and they aren't
> included within the main Jabber server.

so are the individual teams responsible for packaging their own
transports?  when they think they are stable?  or what?

> > cvs tarball i downloaded had non-functional ones included (no ./configure
> > found... that's not good.)
> Umm.. that's because it is CVS. try autogen.sh :P

that didn't work.  the cvs tarball doesn't have the macros directory
included. :)  that was my problem there.  i did a cvs checkout of all the
submodules, and therefore i got the macros this time. :)

the pth thing needs to get fixed.  libpth12 is *gone* from debian, both
stable adn unstable. :)  i overrode the dependencies to install... didn't
like it tho. :)

i had some bugginess when i tried to regenerate the .debs for
libetherx1.... it lokoed like it was almost entirely deb-related (aka
something didn't work exactly right...) instead of code bugs.  the code
built fine.

eliot, could i convince you to rebuild libetherx1's deb?  i can't get it
to work here.

stuff looks great so far, guys... keep it coming :)


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