[JDEV] Transport problem

Konrad Podloucky konrad at pelimbert.tssc.univie.ac.at
Thu Jun 22 16:39:24 CDT 2000

On 22-Jun-2000 Eric Bowersox enlightened me with:
> You're right, it is annoying.  You're also right in that
> there's no way to
> fix it easily.  In fact, I don't think there's a way to fix it
> at all.  The
> transports themselves send their presence messages; if a
> transport crashes
> (or gets kill -9'd or some such), obviously, it has no way of
> sending an
> "unavailable" presence, because it's *gone*! :-)

I guess the only way to "fix" it, would be to let the server
query the transports at regular intervals if they are still

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