[JDEV] Transport problem

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Thu Jun 22 16:50:29 CDT 2000

At 15:24 Uhr -0600 22.06.2000, Eric Bowersox wrote:
>  > If a transport crashes, no "unavailable" presence is sent - thus no
>>  way for clients to show them correctly as offline. I'm not sure if
>>  it's possible to fix this easily, but maybe someone good take a look
>>  at it. It's really anonying...
>You're right, it is annoying.  You're also right in that there's no way to
>fix it easily.  In fact, I don't think there's a way to fix it at all.  The
>transports themselves send their presence messages; if a transport crashes
>(or gets kill -9'd or some such), obviously, it has no way of sending an
>"unavailable" presence, because it's *gone*! :-)

He he, well I guessed so. I just thought if it was possible for the 
server (or maybe an add-on app) to watch the running transports. If 
one crashes, it sends an unavail presence for that transport, and 
then attemps to restart it (and maybe email/jabbers the admin that 
problems are occuring). I think that such a tool would be _way_ 
handy, condisering how often ICQ-t, AIM-t and IRC-t on jabber.org are 

but I dunno that much about how transports are realized, so I don't 
know if this approach is feasible at all...

>This is not the case for "graceful" shutdowns (such as what happens when you
>send icq-t a SIGTERM); there, the transport can close all connections, send
>"unavailable" presence, etc., before it exits.

Of course, I'm aware of this.

Thank you,

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