[JDEV] Python Libraries?

Donn Cave donn at u.washington.edu
Thu Jun 22 19:00:54 CDT 2000

Quoth Donn Cave <donn at u.washington.edu>:
| I find that testclient works with my server.  You have to edit the
| source to specify your own server instead of jabber.org (unless that's
| what you want to use, I don't know for sure if there is any such
| server.)  You also have to specify users by full user at server notation,
| if you send a message.

Oops, I forgot that I did have to modify something for 1.0, from the
way you find it in the 1.0.RC1 distribution.

In JabberPackets.py, everywhere you find 'type' or "type" (literally)
on the same line as "error" (not literally quoted), change "type" to
"code".  The errors come back from the 1.0 server with "code" attributes.

So for example,

     e['type'] = self.__error[0]

should be

     e['code'] = self.__error[0]

This happens in three places, lines 392, 419 and 558.

	Donn Cave, donn at u.washington.edu

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