[JDEV] Transport problem

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Fri Jun 23 10:20:36 CDT 2000

> > You're right, it is annoying.  You're also right in that there's no way
> > fix it easily.  In fact, I don't think there's a way to fix it at all.
> > transports themselves send their presence messages; if a transport
> > (or gets kill -9'd or some such), obviously, it has no way of sending an
> > "unavailable" presence, because it's *gone*! :-)
>     Can't the server (eventually) see when the TCP socket has closed on
> the other end?
>     Wouldn't it work even better (i.e., _instant_ notification) if
> transports colocated with the Jabber server could use UNIX domain
> sockets?  Can they do so already?

  The server can indeed see it's offline.  But it has no way of knowing the
individual resources that where marked as 'online'.  The best I could think
of is for the jserver to send a <presence type="unavailable"
from="aim.jabber.org">, and then have the client automatically figure that
since AIM.jabber.org is down, all resources attached to that JID server are
also considered down.

  And if you mean named pipes, no, they don't, they do use regular old
sockets to comminicate, and in some cases, shared memory..

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