[JDEV] Transport problem

Paul Prince princep at raleigh.lib.wv.us
Fri Jun 23 13:56:21 CDT 2000

Actually, unix-domain sockets != named pipes (fifo's)  Although similar, they
still use Berkeley Sockets.

Thomas Charron wrote:

> > > You're right, it is annoying.  You're also right in that there's no way
> to
> > > fix it easily.  In fact, I don't think there's a way to fix it at all.
> The
> > > transports themselves send their presence messages; if a transport
> crashes
> > > (or gets kill -9'd or some such), obviously, it has no way of sending an
> > > "unavailable" presence, because it's *gone*! :-)
> >     Can't the server (eventually) see when the TCP socket has closed on
> > the other end?
> >     Wouldn't it work even better (i.e., _instant_ notification) if
> > transports colocated with the Jabber server could use UNIX domain
> > sockets?  Can they do so already?
>   The server can indeed see it's offline.  But it has no way of knowing the
> individual resources that where marked as 'online'.  The best I could think
> of is for the jserver to send a <presence type="unavailable"
> from="aim.jabber.org">, and then have the client automatically figure that
> since AIM.jabber.org is down, all resources attached to that JID server are
> also considered down.
>   And if you mean named pipes, no, they don't, they do use regular old
> sockets to comminicate, and in some cases, shared memory..
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