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Juan Ignacio Gelos jdev at juanito.net
Fri Jun 23 18:02:34 CDT 2000

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Juan Ignacio Gelos

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> John Stracke
> Enviado el: viernes 23 de junio de 2000 18:46
> Para: IMPP Working Group
> Asunto: Comments on the Jabber protocol
> Some comments on draft-miller-impp-jabber-00.txt:
>    * The second paragraph of section 6 seems to say that you
>      don't have a server/server protocol; is that correct?
>    * Sending MIME objects out of band is problematic.  It has
>      security problems because there's no standard mechanism
>      available (until/unless WebDAV ACLs get adopted) to put
>      something on an HTTP server and control who can get at it;
>      and it has usability problems because there's no good way to
>      tell how long the object should stay on the server.
>    * Statements such as "All the new functionality is immediately
>      available to any application utilizing Jabber or any entity
>      available via the abstraction layer" don't really belong in
>      a protocol spec; beyond the usual prejudice against
>      jingoism, what you're saying here is true for any protocol.
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