[JDEV] debian packages for jabber transports??

elijah wright elw at stderr.org
Sat Jun 24 00:26:08 CDT 2000

> So if you have a problem, please send me the details. The pthreats package
> from Debian has a problem that it is filling the wrong values in the shlib
> file, so i added a manual dependecy on it.. so a 

here's the error from apt-get install jabber-transport:

 jabber-transport: Depends: libetherx1 but it is not going to be installed
                    Depends: libpth12 but it is not installable

the error boils down to an obsolete dependency on libpth12. :)
> apt-get -ufm install jabber-transport should be all you need to do, if you
> have configured woody aka unstable in sources.list. (a distribution dir for
> potato is currently worked on by me)

libpth12 is no longer available in woody.  libpth13 is.  i ftp'ed into the
archives and checked. :)  and yeah, i have unstable in sources.list.  

have you run apt-get dist-upgrade on your machine lately?  :)  betcha
jabber packages break when you do. :) :)


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