[JDEV] RE: ICQ gateway broken?

Eric Bowersox ebowersox at jabber.com
Wed Jun 28 11:24:57 CDT 2000

> When I use the ICQ gateway with JabberIM, all incoming ICQ messages
> are lost.  No, it isn't because the commercial ICQ client is running.
> My availible/away status is reflected on the ICQ WWP webbages but
> any messages I send myself using WWP or the ICQ email gateway 
> are lost.

The ICQ transport is only designed to handle instant messages sent by
another ICQ client.  Any messages you may send via the ICQ web pages or
email gateway are not guaranteed to be handled, mostly because no
documentation exists for those messages and I can't write code to handle
messages when I don't even know how they're structured.

> Attempting to register the AOL IM gateway just gives "Remote Server
> Error".

I'm not responsible for the AIM transport, but it's been known to be buggy
on occasion...its maintainer continues to work on it.

> I am behind a firewall.  However, the firewall permits all outgoing
> TCP connections and jabber seems to communicate with the server ok
> and the miribilis ICQ client works.

If Jabber works, you should be able to communicate using icq-t whether or
not the ICQ client itself works, as all ICQ protocol transactions are
handled on the server.

> It would be nice if there were some resources for testing jabber
> clients such as a web2jabber page and an echo server (you send it
> a message, it sends you one back).

Some effort is being made on the first one of your requests, with a
PHP-based Jabber client ("Phabber")...don't know about the second.


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