[JDEV] Newbie - JabberCom.dll

Fernando Chilvarguer fernando at impex.com
Wed Jun 28 12:59:25 CDT 2000

I have just started to "play" with jabber a couple of days ago. I'm trying
to create a Jabber client for Win32 using VB. I downloaded the jabbercom.dll
and the example vb project from jabber.org. Unfortunately, I can not find a
lot of things on the documentation. For example, it does not say anything
about how to implement a "user search" on the Jabber User Directory. I
figured out how to get the appropriate agent but that's it.
Maybe I'm looking on the wrong places for answer, I don't know.
Has anyone implemented the jabbercom.dll on a VB client? Where can I find
more documentation about the subject?
Any help is appreciated.
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