[JDEV] jabberoo LGPL?

Chris cbehm at dotclick.com
Fri Jun 30 15:39:54 CDT 2000

jabberoo LGPL?Just thought I'd make sure you were aware of the MacJLib
effort that's already well under way. I'd say it's close to jabberoo's
functionality and I _know_ it's more Mac friendly than jabberoo :) We've
tried to keep it as un-Mac specific as possible, unfortunately a couple of
things (like UTF-8 encoding/decoding) are relying on the OS. Actually I
think we've got UTF-8 support for older Macs that don't have the
functionality in the OS... hmm, I wonder how how possible it is to compile
the sucker on something other than a Mac.

Anyway, I also _really_ need to know about jabberoo... I thought it was LGPL
(Gabber is not). Ehm, the authors don't provide anything on copying or the
license in the CVS distribution.

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  Is there any chance jabberoo will ever be released under LGPL?  I'm
planing to develop a non-open (unfortunately) jabber app, and I'd hate to
have to write my own jabber back-end when such an awesome library already
exists.  I'd much rather use (and potentially contribute to) jabberoo rather
than duplicate the effort.  My jabber app will be cross-platform
(linux/win32/mac) so it would be cool if I could contribute a Mac port of

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