[JDEV] jabberoo LGPL?

Dave Smith dave at jabber.org
Fri Jun 30 16:01:46 CDT 2000

Hey all..

Regarding jabberoo's LGPL status..

I will be relicensing it tonight (or tommorow) under LGPL. Frankly I stuck the GPL boilerplate stuff on there
just so I could have _a_ license to protect it. At any rate, I'll rectify the situation ASAP. I'm not sure where 
people have been looking for info on jabberoo, but I'm hoping to start a seperate site for it on SF (the most 
current code resides in gabber's CVS under the jabberoo module).

Insofar as MacJLib goes, I'm going to contact the authors and see what the differences are between jabberoo and
MacJLib. I know jabberoo probably isn't mac-friendly (mostly since I don't have a mac) but I've written it to
comply w/ the final ANSI/ISO C++ standard...so it makes moderate use of templates and the STL.  

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