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Jens Langner Jens.Langner at newtron.net
Tue Nov 7 10:12:11 CST 2000

Hello Peter,

Yes, of course the JabberIM install programm will register all entries in
the registry for JabberCOM.DLL but what I wanted to point out is, that our
JabberIM.exe is stored on a server on our employees are going to login from
their workstation. Now we have about 100 employees and I don`t want to go to
each workstation and installer JabberIM manually so I decided to installer
JabberIM.exe into a networkpath \\server\jabber$ and start it directly via
the NETLOGON scripts of our NT-Server if a user logs in.
Of course this requires the registry entries of JabberCOM.DLL and JabberIM
to be on the local machine and I just wanted to check that it is really
needed to add this registry entries by hand (via a *.reg script) and I also
want to know ALL registry entries that are needed on a system to run
JabberIM/JabberCOM.DLL correctly so that I can create this *.reg file
correctly !)


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> Jens -
> The install program for JabberIM should register the 
> JabberCOM.DLL file.
> Registering the DLL will add the necessary registry entries.
> Peter
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