[JDEV] conferencing-service

Ames Andreas (PN/ECC1) Andreas.Ames at Tenovis.com
Wed Nov 8 05:47:18 CST 2000


cause i'm sitting behind a very restrictive firewall i can't access the
jabber-cvs tree.  thus it would be great if some kind soul could pack the
current conferencing module into a tarball and make it available via ftp or
even http for a download.  i want to work with it (running jabber 1.2) and
probably implement some features so that there can be moderated groupchats
(if possible).

that would be of great help for me.  any volunteers?


Andreas Ames
T +49 (0) 69 7505-3213
andreas.ames at tenovis.com (www.tenovis.com)
"I hope to die sleeping like grandpa, not screaming like his passengers." 

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