[JDEV] job doing jabber related stuff

Robert Temple robert.temple at dig.com
Mon Oct 2 12:42:20 CDT 2000

We are looking for someone to help out developing a Jabber client for Win32.
We might be using Jabber to do not only Instant Messages, but also deliver
real-time data, like sports scores, stock quotes, etc, etc.  I'm looking for
someone who has tinkered around with Jabber client programming.  I don't
care if you have any real-world experience or not.  I don't even care much
about a degree.  You just need to be able to show me you can write decent

The position is preferably located in Seattle but one might be able to work
in our offices in Hollywood or S. Valley too.

email me at Robert.Temple at dig.com <mailto:Robert.Temple at dig.com>  if you are

Here is a real job description, written by someone who is qualified to write
them. (not me):


Our group develops and supports hosted horizontal solutions throughout the
Walt Disney Internet Group. This position would work on one of our newest
and most exciting technologies, instant messaging. This position would work
closely with a senior developer on the instant messenger client. He/She
would review, test, become familiar with existing code, modify existing code
and eventually write new code. With time, expanded responsibilities would
include taking ownership of code and helping to define and refine the
software architecture.


The ideal candidate would be a self-motivated individual with the ability to
learn quickly and work with minimal supervision. The candidate should have a
bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience; a thorough
knowledge of C++, previous exposure to Visual C++, and familiarity with at
least two of the following: multi-threaded programming, network programming,
and windowing system programming. Experience with COM, ATL, sockets and
open-source development experience is a highly desirable. Knowledge of XML,
Win 32 programming and MFC is also a plus. Strong communication skills
needed; must be able to work effectively on a small team. 

I apologize if anyone things this type of post is inappropriate for this
mailing list.


Robert Temple

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