[JDEV] jserver and icqtransport core dumps

Amarnath Yara amarny at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 2 13:10:52 CDT 2000

Hi all, I have installed jabber server on a linux machine. After 
successfully using it for messaging from jabber to jabber I have installed 
icq-transport on the same machine. I have added the agent in the jserver.xml 
and also changed the icq_trans.xml according to the directions in 
"Installing ICQ transport From CVS". After that I  started both the jserver 
and icqtransport. Then I can connect to the jabber server successfully only 
once and both jserver and icqtransport are core dumped with segmentation 
fault. This is repeating. Can you guys make some suggestions on how to 
overcome this. I appreciate the help in advance.

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