[JDEV] Minor compilation issues

Chris Ebenezer chris at technologist.com
Tue Oct 3 11:57:49 CDT 2000

Hi -

Just a couple of minor compilation problems i found whilst compiling
jabber (development stream) :-

- sha.c in libxode has extraneous // comments.  I guess gcc accepts
  these. It might be an idea to add -ansi -pedantic to the list of
  compilation flags when gcc is used.

- Use of gcc is assumed - are there any plans to make everything build
  smoothly using other environments ?

- libetherx does not set includedir based on the output of pth-config.
  It probably should for sites where pth is installed somewhere
  non-standard (e.g. /opt).  

- adns is assumed but it is pretty easy to compile without it - should
  this be an option ?


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