[JDEV] JabberCOM library status

Peter Millard peter at vantek-corp.com
Wed Oct 4 08:31:01 CDT 2000

Hans -

I'm the only person working on it, and have been adding features slowly but
surely. I will do another release when I have some time to 'wrap' up all the
new stuff that I'm adding. Also, It's more than likely that there will be
some protocol additions sometime in the next few weeks, so I'm going at
least wait before those are hashed out before doing another release.

If you interested in helping, and are a Delphi programmer, please contact me
direct via email or via Jabber (pgmillard at jabber.org)


> I wonder if anyone know the status of the jabberCOM library and if there
> any active work on it right now. Is there any more persons then Peter
> Millard working on it?

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