[JDEV] bug in jab_start

Marco Nelissen marcone at be.com
Thu Oct 5 20:56:15 CDT 2000

In case any of the maintainers of libjabber are reading this list:
In jconn.c as I got it from CVS yesterday, there is a bug at the 
end of jab_start:
    t = xmlnode2str(x);
    /* this is ugly, we can create the string here instead of jutil_header */
    /* what do you think about it? -madcat */
    t2 = strstr(t,"/>");
    *t2++ = '>';
    *t2 = '\0';
    jab_send_raw(j,"<?xml version='1.0'?>");

The bug is that the xmlnode_free(x) causes the memory pool associated with
that node to be freed, but this includes the string "t" that was returned
from xmlnode2str(x). Therefore everything after xmlnode_free(x) is referencing
unallocated memory, which is obviously not allowed (and indeed caused a crash
on my system where I ran with special debugging options).


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