[JDEV] Re: libjabber

Gurer Ozen madcat at e-kolay.net
Fri Oct 6 02:35:31 CDT 2000

M> I tracked down 'jabberx' (not on the projects-page, BTW)

It's on jabber-x.sourceforge.net

M> is the API likely to be rendered incompatible again in the future?

I don't think so. pre1.0 API was trying to hide all XML stuff from
application. I decided that converting xmlnodes to simple structures
is not very helpful. Application must understand xml (this is a
requirement), so 1.0+ API is now just delivering message, presence
and iq nodes as jpacket structures. So new API won't likely change
much, since it is very basic.

M> when will libjabber be documented?
M> would I be better off not using libjabber and writing my own stuff?

Hmm, I'm working on a new client library for jabberx. Cause libjabber
and libxode are mostly designed for server, they are not well seperated,
function names are inconsistent, documentation is missing, etc, etc...
If you are not happy with libjabber too, code your own stuff, or
wait a few weeks to see mine ;)

M> what's the "official" way of building libjabber from CVS?


This calls aclocal, automake, and autoconf commands for generating
missing makefiles and other stuff.

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