[JDEV] Subscribing to ICQ user presence

Bill Abbas zsa at expertq.com
Mon Oct 9 01:48:05 CDT 2000

Yes and yes. 

The transport is up.  A "register" request to the transpot returns my 
username and nick.  I can send IMs back and forth between Gabber and the 
ICQ client.

When I log into Jabber, I get presence from the transport itself (the 
"Logged into ICQ" status message), but not from the remote ICQ client.


David Waite wrote:

> Bill Abbas wrote:
> 1) are you registered with the ICQ transport?
> 2) is the ICQ transport running? it is currently down on jabber.org.
> Easiest way to test these is to attempt to re-register with the ICQ
> transport. If you get the registration dialog and instructions, the
> transport is up. If it contains your usename and other information, you
> are online through it. If those fields are blank, it doesn't recognise you
> as being subscribed. If it does not come up with the dialog, it is
> currently down.
> Next time you log into ICQ through Jabber, it should automatically send
> the subscription request.
> -David Waite
>> Hi,
>> I'm having trouble subscribing to a user's presence thru ICQ.  I send a
>> presence packet like so:
>> <presence to="12345678 at icq.jabber.org" type="subscribe" />
>> what I get back is roughly like this:
>> <iq type="set">
>>    <query xmlns="jabber:iq:roster">
>>        <item jid="12345678 at icq.jabber.org" subscription="none"
>> ask="subscribe" />
>>    </query>
>> </iq>
>> According to the JPG, this means that the subscription has been
>> requested but not yet granted.
>> This is on whatever server version is on jabber.org.
>> Am I missing something here?  Does the ICQ client need some sort of
>> configuring to allow this (I'm testing with the micq Linux client)?  Or
>> does this plain not work?
>> Thanks
>> Bill
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