[JDEV] Japanese Jabber Client

Eric Bowersox ebowersox at jabber.com
Wed Oct 11 12:10:58 CDT 2000

All Jabber messages are XML, which uses the UTF-8 encoding of Unicode
(actually UCS-4, aka ISO-10646).  You can theoretically send messages using
Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Hindi, Ogham, Tengwar, Klingon, or any
other set of characters supported in 10646.  How they get interpreted is up
to the client, which must generally convert them to some native code
page/character set before displaying them, and must also convert the user's
keyboard input from the native character set to UTF-8 before transmitting.


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> Hi folks,
>      Is anybody working on a Japanese language version of a 
> jabber client?
> As a matter of interest how easy would it be to support a multi-byte
> character set in the subject and body of a message? I don't 
> see anything in
> the Jabber DTD to allow a client to indicate what code page 
> and character
> set it is sending. I am an XML novice by the way so please 
> excuse me if I
> have missed anything obvious.
> Regards
> Dave Parkes
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