[JDEV] Automatically add all users?

Orion (Steve Pirk) orion at deathcon.com
Thu Oct 12 15:22:58 CDT 2000

I am running a intranet jabber server at work. I currently
maintain a list of users (in html) where people can find
users to add to their list. The editing of the html page is
done manually now, but could be automated nightly.

This still requires that users manually add contacts. What
I was thinking of doing was to run through the jspool directory
and build a contact list from all the user.xml files, and then 
have a program edit everyone's contact list to add all users.

Then as people create accounts, this would trigger another edit
(late at night) to stuff just that user into everyone's contact
list. I would most likely use awk or sed.

Can anyone think if an easier way to do this? Maybe as adminstrator,
run a script of jabber commands to update contact lists?

Is this even desirable? A lot of users would lkike the list populated

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