[JDEV] Why not GLib ?

David Waite mass at ufl.edu
Sat Oct 14 00:49:54 CDT 2000

Yes, but can you do it in one line? ;-)

-David Waite

Ryan Eatmon wrote:

> Don't laugh, but one of these days you will see a Server.pm file appear
> in the Net::Jabber modules so that you can instantiate a VERY light
> weight server to run whereever you need it to.  Of course, this will
> take a while to get to, but it will happen... I promise you.
> Ryan Eatmon
> Perl Team Leader
> Paul Prince wrote:
>> Heh, why not just rewrite Jabber in Perl?
>> -P
>> Michael Emswiler wrote:
>>> Have you guys looked into SMT as a replacement for PTH?  It's a small
>>> and portable multi-threading library -- I haven't used it alot, but I
>>> did have one project with it and it worked well for that purpose (and
>>> was easily compilable on multiple platforms ... they've already got it
>>> running on the most common..)

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