[JDEV] Why not GLib ?

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Sat Oct 14 08:53:04 CDT 2000

    Why not use is not the question.  Why use is the question.

From: David Le Corfec <david.le-corfec at idealx.com>
To: <jdev at jabber.org>
Subject: [JDEV] Why not GLib ?

> Why not use the GLib for jabber2 ?
> If there's no strong reason against it, it could
> be progressively used in libxode/libjabber/jabber2 ...
> (I would like to cleanup most of the code in a GLib
> fashion :)

  Again, if there is a strong reason *FOR* it'd be my guess.  This just adds
another dependency into the mix.  DLL hell, *nix style, after a while..

> It also is a good example of programming,
> take a look at the sources :)

  So's alot of applications out there..  ;-P  Doesn't mean that wonderfully
programmed toaster interface needs to be incorperated..  ;-P

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