[JDEV] Group chat in jabberbeans

Bill Abbas zsa at expertq.com
Thu Oct 12 14:57:58 CDT 2000

I've noticed that some clients support this "invite:" message and some

WinJab seems to work fine, Gabber ignores the message.

Sending commands embedded in the body of a message has always seemed to
be a bit of a hack. Is this one of the things that the new groupchat
protocol will change?

For that matter, is the new groupchat protocol documented somewhere?
Does it require client-side changes?


Leon Kwan wrote:

> hello everybody,
> after I uninstall the new version of groupchat transport
> and install the older version, I successfully implement
> most of the features of groupchat.
> But when i invite ppl to join the chat, I fail.
> according to JPG, I just need to send a message packet
> to groupchat server.
> <message to="groupname at groupchatserver" from="sender at server">
> <subject>invite:receiver at server</subject>
> <body>
> A invitation from sender
> </body>
> </message>
> but there is not response that is received from the receiver.
> So how to invite ppl to join the chat?
> -Leon Kwan
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