[JDEV] Flash 5's XMLSocket vs Jabber 1.2

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Mon Oct 16 04:15:43 CDT 2000

>Problem 1: Null characters...
>null characters are sent between each transmission from the client. 
>This causes the server to crash.  My question is: should jabber 
>client stream be tolerant to null characters (ie. 0x00).

I'm not sure whether the server should ignore it or close the 
connection. But crashing is certainly not an alternative. Did you 
really mean crash, or just meant that the server drops the connection?

If it is really a crash, please entered this bug into the bug tracker 
system at http://bugs.jabber.org/

>If the server can't be made to tolerate this then i would probably 
>need an interface socket which reads from the flash client, 
>translates (removes nulls) and sends to the server.  This is bad 
>because i now have 3 sockets open for a single connection.

Hm, I see your problem. BTW, how is parsing in Flash? I remember 
someone told me Flash only finishes parsing after receiving a NULL 
byte, so this would be a problem, too, no?


>Problem 2: Flash callback onTag event can't handle depth
>a normal jabber stream would only give a single callback when the 
>stream tag is finally closed.  I got around this really easily with 
>the new server architecture (thanks heaps to mass/akuma/dave for the 
>Basically i listened on a new port which used a copy of 
>xstream_header_char which didn't remove the '/' from the '/>'. 
>(just incase anyone is interested)

I think this answers my question from above :)



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