[JDEV] Flash 5's XMLSocket vs Jabber 1.2

David Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Tue Oct 17 18:06:08 CDT 2000

Oliver George wrote:

> Hi dlb,
> > Does anyone know , or recognize, what Oliver meant by "crash" .  I'm
> > assuming he meant the null terminator killed the session.
> > Is there a reason that Jabber's been configured to do this?
> hehehe

Its the default behavio.. wait, nobody documented the <nocrash> tag??


> I'm pretty close to having a switch in the pthsock config which would
> turn it into flash5 compatible mode.  then flash5 can just connect on a
> different port.

The other option would be detecting a different namespace ("jabber:flash"?) in
the stream header. Of course, the header would be closed for flash clients, so
this might be a bit of work :)

-David Waite

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