[JDEV] making io_select.c transmit a NULL

Oliver George oliver at littledevil.com.au
Tue Oct 17 18:50:21 CDT 2000

This is a request for temas/dizzyd/jer...

Currently, in io_select.c, the _io_write_dump function uses null 
terminated strings as buffers for the transmit queue. This is a problem 
for me because i want to send a NULL character.  In many ways this is a 
special case but a more friendly solution would be to use a buffer 
length variable instead of calling sizeof().

My reason for wanting this is because i want to have a <flash5mode/> 
option for pthsock.  Flash 5 is non-conformant with jabbers xmlstream 
but it is so similar that a few very minor changes make the 
pthsock_client capable of running in an alternate mode on a different 
port which permits very small (mine is 3k) and simple flash 5 applets to 
interface the jabber server directly.

If i can get this one problem dealt with i will be happy, but also in 
return i'd be pleased to help integrate my chages into the main code base.

Thanks in advance, Oliver.

PS. I'm working with 1.1.3 at the moment.

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