[JDEV] Flash 5's XMLSocket vs Jabber 1.2

Bill Abbas zsa at expertq.com
Wed Oct 18 13:33:16 CDT 2000

I haven't looked at how jabber parses XML, but ...

If the problem is the terminating null, is a switch really necessary?   
Shouldn't the behavior of the jabber XML stream parser be to throw away 
any extraneous garbage that occurs outside of tags?  So if I sent a data 
like this:

   meaningful stuff
random garbage

the random garbage would get discarded because it has no meaningful XML 

Which is another way of saying that it shouldn't dump core, it should 
just discard it and move on.


Oliver George wrote:

>>> I'm pretty close to having a switch in the pthsock config which would
>>> turn it into flash5 compatible mode.  then flash5 can just connect on a
>>> different port.
>> The other option would be detecting a different namespace 
>> ("jabber:flash"?) in
>> the stream header. Of course, the header would be closed for flash 
>> clients, so
>> this might be a bit of work :)
> Given that flash is not truely conformant to jabbers notion of an xml 
> stream... i think it is better not to try and mutate a conformant 
> stream with a namespace but instead to just accept that it is 
> <flash5mode/> and the interface only works for flash5
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