[JDEV] behaviors in AIM transport

Jay Chalfant jchalfan at outbackinc.com
Wed Oct 18 18:47:38 CDT 2000

Greetings all.. 

I am developing a Jabber client. A primary purpose of the client will be to
talk to AIM users so I am using WinJab (XML debug turned on) with JServ 1.0
to discover the AIM transport behavior. I have catalogued two behaviors in
the AIM transport that are unexpected:

1) When I register with the AIM transport, I receive a "subscription from"
request from the transport, allegedly for the purpose of automatically
logging me into AIM when I log into JabberServer. I accept the subscription
request but the auto-login behavior does not happen. Instead, I must login
into the AIM transport manually each time I open a session with the Jabber
server in order to generate presence on AIM.

2) The AIM transport appears not to cache presence info for the buddy's of
users registered with the transport. Specifically, if I log into Jabber
server (registered with AIM) *after* an AIM buddy logged into AIM, I will
not receive presence for that buddy, even though I have subscribed to that
buddy's presence. In this case, if I send presence to the AIM buddy his
presence to be sent to me. This is a workaround but not exactly desirable.
If my AIM buddy logs in after me, it works fine.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone can confirm the status of these
behaviors. (1) seems like a defect or config error. (2) may be a feature
request. If more info is needed I can provide.

thanks in advance..


Jay Chalfant
OutBack Resource Group

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