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Ted Rolle trolle at uwgrocers.com
Fri Oct 20 14:48:56 CDT 2000

Well, we're blazing along!  At least to the point where I can get rid of 
the humongous debug logs.  This next one is short and sour:

I removed the mod_version and other stuff, along with the statements inside 

WinJab/Debug/Server Stuff:

SENT: <stream:stream to="" xmlns="jabber:client" 
RECV: <?xml version='1.0'?><stream:stream 
xmlns:stream='http://etherx.jabber.org/streams' id='39F09E0B'>
SENT: <iq type="set" id="JCOM_6"><query 


Fri Oct 20 12:31:13 2000  debug/conn.c:162 New XML Stream started, locating 
internal namespace handler
Fri Oct 20 12:31:13 2000  debug/config.c:150 name 3 for
Fri Oct 20 12:31:13 2000  debug/xmlstream.c:101 head: <?xml 
xmlns:stream='http://etherx.jabber.org/streams' id='39F09D81'>
Fri Oct 20 12:31:13 2000  debug/tstream.c:133 tstream_write_buffer

Current jserver.xml:


This is the Jabber Server XML configuration file.
Each section has its own instructions.

Replace the default name with your primary server hostname:

	<!-- You may have alaises for this server,
		these are NOT virtual hosts,
		only use these for migrating from an old server name or
		for *receive only* on an alternate name

This section provides the default bindings for IP addresses and ports
used within the server.
If the service is not loaded/used, it's directives here are ignored.

		<jabber ip=''>5222</jabber>
		<ssl ip=''>5223</ssl>
		<jabber	ip=''>	5222</jabber>
		<ssl	ip=''>	5223</ssl>
		<irc	ip=''>	6667</irc>
		<http	ip=''>	5280</http>
		<telnet	ip=''>	5228</telnet>
		<!-- Specific IPs can also be used:
		<jabber ip=''>5222</jabber>
		<irc ip=''>6667</irc>


The session log, make sure the folder exists!


		<!-- replace with <error>syslog</error> to log to syslog
			instead, remove to log to STDERR -->


		<!-- This logs some basic tracking information about every
			packet of data (TONS!)


Data is stored on the filesystem for each user,
make sure the folder exists!


	Registration instructions and fields, remove to disallow

		<instructions>Choose a username and password to register
			with this server.</instructions>

Server info:

		<name>UWG's Jabber Server</name>
		<description>Our Jabber Server!</description>

A place to list the available agents for the users of this server:


		<!-- this is the default agent for the (temporary) master
			jabber user directory
			<agent jid="users.jabber.org">
				<name>Jabber User Directory</name>
				<description>You may register and create a public
					searchable profile, and search for other registered
					Jabber users.

	<!-- these are examples.
			You will receive instructions on what to place here
			when you install a real agent.
		<agent jid="aim.jabber.org">
			<name>AIM Transport</name>
			<description>This is the AIM Transport</description>
			<transport>AIM/AOL ScreenName</transport>
		<agent jid="icq.jabber.org">
			<name>ICQ Transport</name>
			<description>This is the ICQ Transport</description>
		<agent jid="groups.jabber.org">
			<description>You can create and participate in private
	<!-- end of agent examples. -->


List of the default DSO loaded modules:

		<!-- temas and orion said to get rid of this:

This is how the server connects to etherx:

<!-- only enable to use remote mode,
	you should know what you are doing!

List of usernames with administrative access,
These users receive messages and notices sent to 'hostname':



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