[JDEV] Is is possible to register with a transport more than once using same ICQ #

Keith Minkler keith at digix.dyndns.org
Sat Oct 21 07:01:34 CDT 2000

  I think the strangeness you are experiencing is because ICQ-transport keeps a list of registered jid's/UIN#s in memory, even after you have disconnected.. (at least older versions did this, I'm not positive if this is still true).  This is mostly to dissalow two jabber users from registering with the same UIN... but could possibly cause problems if you have deleted your account (without unregistering from ICQ-transport), and then attempt to re-register.. 

  I may be inaccurate, but that is how I understood it to work.. =]

  Hope this helps,

> 1. Say, I have a jabber account(x) which is registered with ICQ-transport 
> with an ICQ#(n). Now I delete this account(x) on the jabber server and again 
> create a jabber account with the same username and password as the deleted 
> jabber account(x). Everything goes fine up to here. After this when I try to 
> register this new jabber account(x) with the ICQ-transport, the transport 
> behaves strangely. I get the key on request and when I send the key with 
> username(jabberid), ICQ#(n) and password, it sends the presence that I am 
> off line on ICQ. Some times I do not get any reply from the transport at 
> all. I would like if the transport maintains any database where it has the 
> jabberid's and ICQ#'s mapped. If this exists then is the mapping of jabberid 
> and ICQ# destroyed when you delete your jabber account?
> 2. Say, I have more than one jabber account on same jabber server. And I 
> want to register both the jabber accounts with the ICQ-transport using the 
> same ICQ number. Does the transport allow this ?
> Amar.
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