[JDEV] Jabber Server problem: Need help

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Mon Oct 23 14:12:56 CDT 2000

Let's start with the basics... what version of the server are you using?  I'm
guessing 1.0, so you could remove the reference to mod_version for what the 
connection to updates.j.o.  If you could supply us with debug output (Run the
jserver with -D) and configuration it will be more easy for us to help you.


On Mon, Oct 23, 2000 at 12:03:01PM -0600, Nicolas Perdrillat wrote:
> Hi from the JIMMO team, we’re a group of 4 students from the University of
> Colorado at Boulder working on a project consisting of developing a Jabber
> client adapted for a conferencing interface,
>     Ok, the problem that I am having is that the server receives a
> connection, does some stuff, and then immediately closes the connection.  I
> am currently going through the code to see exactly what it is doing, but
> here is a quick description of the problem.  There is a server configuration
> file which configures the server.  There is a section called <agents>, which
> looks like it may register services to the users...  I am pretty sure that
> it is something in the configuration file that needs to be set up so that
> the server will allow accounts to be created (but not with the jabber.com
> server).  It also looks like it is trying to connect to updates.jabber.com
> (presumably for user lists?).  If it is expecting a response from
> updates.jabber.com, it will not receive one (because of the router config).
> I will try to set up the router so that requests on port 5222 go directly to
> the machine running jabber (on port 5222), so it will be able to receive
> outside jabber connections.  I will keep you updated on this.  Nick, feel
> free to ask the Jabber guys if there is any special configuration you need
> to do.  Also, if they have a more detailed step-by-step than the Jabber
> Server mini-HOWTO, that would be helpful as well.  Also, where are the
> discussion boards on jabber.org?  I created an account, but I don't really
> know what that does.  I saw there are IRC chat groups, but I was also
> wondering if there was a newsgroup (or an area for posting
> messages/solutions) as well.
> Please help us,
> Thanks.
> -brian and the JIMMO team
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