[JDEV] transport problems

Erich Zigler needo at superhero.org
Thu Oct 26 18:47:36 CDT 2000

On Fri, Oct 27, 2000 at 06:08:52PM -0500, Omar Armas Aleman wrote:

> Hi, I have jabber 1.0.1 working well, but I cannot connect to ICQ nor
> AIM. This is part of my configuration file:
> ---------------------
>     <!-- these are just examples, you will receive instructions on what to
> place here when you install a real agent
>     <agent jid="aim.jabber.org">
>       <name>AIM Transport</name>
>       <description>This is the AIM Transport</description>
>       <transport>AIM/AOL ScreenName</transport>
>       <service>aim</service>
>       <register/>
>     </agent>
>     <agent jid="icq.jabber.org">
>       <name>ICQ Transport</name>
>       <description>This is the ICQ Transport</description>
>       <transport>ICQ#</transport>
>       <service>icq</service>
>       <register/>
>     </agent>
> ------------------------------
> What are the correct values for this options?

1.) Are you setting up a server on your own box?

2.) Do you want to use jabber.org's transports or are you installing your

3.) Is DNS setup properly for aim.yourdomain.com and icq.yourdomain.com

4.) Are you aware that anything in between <!-- and --> is ignored in the
jserver.xml. Check your file and make sure the configuration isn't
inadvertantly commented out.

Erich Zigler               

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