[JDEV] transport problems

Brian Lalor blalor at hcirisc.cs.binghamton.edu
Fri Oct 27 15:14:36 CDT 2000

On Fri, 27 Oct 2000, Erich Zigler wrote:

> This is built-in to Jabber. I use my server (instantisp.net) and I have
> people added such as temas, reatmon, etc. that use the jabber.org server.
> The server keeps the connection open.

and your jabber server on instantisp.net is not visible to the rest of the

I've got a server on rtfm.insight.com.  I've created an account for myself
there (blalor at rtfm.insight.com).  I also have the account
blalor at jabber.org.  From my client (Gabber) on a machine inside our
firewall, I log in as blalor at rtfm.insight.com and try to add
blalor at jabber.org (and I'm logged in there elsewhere).  I never get the
subscription request at blalor at jabber.org and I see messages like 

20001026T19:22:37: [notice] (jabber.org): bouncing a packet to
blalor at jabber.org from blalor at rtfm.insight.com/Gabber: (null)

If I try to send a message as blalor at rtfm to blalor at jabber.org, I get a
dialog saying "A server-side error has occured: Remote Server Error"

Note that I'm using the 1.2 release client server...
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