[JDEV] groupchat and Jabber 1.2

dave_parkes at uk.ibm.com dave_parkes at uk.ibm.com
Mon Oct 30 13:04:02 CST 2000

HI everyone,
          I've installed jabber-1.2RC and it seems pretty stable. I'm
having trouble running groupchat as a service though. I am execing a second
jabberd as advised in the readme.
I get the following message in the debug...
base exec.c:247 base_exec_process_io Read error on process!
ERROR: Invalid id name: Outgoing

The message is repeated 4 times per second until I kill the process.

I am using the jabberd_groupchat.xml file shipped with the conferencing tar
ball and "Outgoing" is in there as a service...

<service id="Outgoing">

I know it's got to be a configuration thing but what am I doing wrong?

jid daveparkes at jabber.com

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