[JDEV] Possible values for <iq>'s id attribute

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Oct 30 14:05:05 CST 2000

Different clients create IDs in different ways. For example, if you look in
the XML stream under WinJab (Preferences -> Show Debug XML) or JabberIM,
you'll see IDs of the form 'JCOM_*', where * = a number starting with 1 and
incrementing each time an ID is used. These IDs are created by the JabberCOM
library that WinJab uses. Gabber increments from 1000, I think. You'll also
see different IDs for different purposes -- they will increment separately
for different kinds of <iq/> tags or namespaces, so you might see something
like id="file_1" for the jabber:iq:oob namespace. IDs are really for use by
the client (e.g. to correlate a response with a query), I'm not sure why
you're getting <iq type='error'> responses from the server. Could you
provide some XML for us to look at?

Hope this helps.


Peter Saint-Andre
stpeter at jabber.org

Lyndon Mark Durham wrote:

> Greetings Jabber Developers,
>                                              I have noticed that in the
> documenatation for authentication that the examples use an id="1" or id
> set to some uniquevalue.  Nonehteless while testing authetication using
> random id numbers the server always returns an <iq type='error'>. I have
> also noticed that the an id is sent back when sucessfully  opening an
> XML stream to communicate with a jabber server- is this returned id the
> one that the server expects when attempting to create a resource through
> IQ authentication? Or are there other id's that can be used. TIA>
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