[JDEV] Karma and Jabber 1.2 RC

David Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Mon Oct 30 22:58:04 CST 2000

Jim Sewell wrote:

> What do you suggest I do if I want to up the burst window by an order of
> magnitude or
> more?  Can I do that with settings in jabber.xml (what settings might I
> use?) or do
> I need to go into the pthsock code and compile larger numbers in?
> Just wondering...Are the rates mentioned in the karma.txt document
>   (5.5K/2sec, 1K/2 sec) pretty much regarded as the typical usage/user?
>   I notice that other chat systems like IRC have file transfer capabilities,
>   is Jabber expected to be able to do this?  Will these xfer windows work
>   for this?  Is this a client issue, meaning that the client needs to be
> aware
>   of these windows and be intelligent enough to pace itself during
> transmissions?

The behavior is also to prohibit people sending BLOBs (images, mp3s,
uncompressed VOB files from a two DVD set) over the wire. XML is not a binary
protocol; the only really decent way to send binary files through the wire is
via base64 encoding (with the 25% loss incurred).

The majority of messages are textual, and usually short (ranging from "do you
want to go to a movie?" to "yea"). Even brainstorming session messages seldom
break the 1k mark, and you definately aren't going to be sending those out
three a second (more like once a minute).

Jabber is also a server- sure it is distributed, but there will still be large
numbers of users online at once. It doesn't take too many streamed mp3s to kill
a server. The idea is to instead use a solution to the problem of large object
transfers and streamed media which already exists and is mature, most commonly
out of band in a protocol such as HTTP.

That aside, there isn't anything preventing largish documents and binary
objects on your own server. The rate limiting is supposed to be customizable,
and should definately be capable of being turned off, within your domain.
Shame I don't know how to do this ;-)

-David Waite

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