[JDEV] Karma and Jabber 1.2 RC

Keith Minkler keith at digix.dyndns.org
Tue Oct 31 10:09:03 CST 2000


  we just found the reason why your server will crash (or exit) when you set your max karma to anything greater than 10... it was a super dumb bug on my part... I had a read buffer that was only 1024 bytes long... (from the pre-karma code) and i was trying to read up to karma * 100 bytes into that buffer, so it was overwritting that buffer (when you max was 100) by 8K, and trashing all your memory in that space. (which was causeing the server to jsut give up and exit..)..

  Sorry for the bug, but it's fixed now, it will only read a max of 8K not, or an effective max karma of about 81...  so anything over that is overkill.


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