[JDEV] jsm mod_example entry point question

Alexander N. Spitzer aspitzer at 3plex.com
Thu Aug 2 08:57:54 CDT 2001

I am looking at creating a jsm module to transcribe all chats...

copied "mod_example.c" created "mod_transcript.c"... cut most of it out...
#include "jsm.h"
mreturn mod_transcript_server(mapi m, void *arg)
    printf("----> TEST: in mod_transcript_server\n");
    return M_HANDLED;

void mod_transcript(jsmi si)
  printf("----> TEST: in mod_transcript\n");

modified jabber.xml. added the following to <load main="jsm"> section:

"./jabberd/jabberd" outputs:
----> TEST: in mod_transcript

okay so far...

How do I get it so that mod_transcript is instantiated upon all message
arrivals... I thought (and CLEARLY I AM WRONG) that all messages pass
through all the jsm modules, and each module decides whether or not to act
on it... This does not appear to be the case, because I never see
"----> TEST: in mod_transcript_server" in any transactions...

What do I have to do to register mod_transcript with all traffic (or at
least "chat" traffic?)



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