[JDEV] Jabber with Linux distros?

Gerald D. Neale jesran at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 4 04:15:05 CDT 2001

Well, neither jabber nor gabber are incuded in the
latest Red Hat beta code named Roswell. I was just
ooking through there.


--- Chris McDonald <phx-jabber at mindspring.com> wrote:
> I know for a fact that Mandrake Linux is shipping
> with a Jabber Server (it
> is version 1.2 though) and Gabber on it.  It also
> has Everybuddy and GAIM
> which will both talk to Jabber.
> Chris McDonald
> Jabber Admin phx-jabber
> Earthlink Phoenix Call Center
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> Subject: [JDEV] Jabber with Linux distros?
> I'm a bit concerned that Microsoft is going to
> saturate the Instant
> Messaging market when XP ships.
> (Not that I have seen any of the IM features yet -
> but they have infinite
> resources compared to the Jabber project)
> To my mind, the only that the Jabber community can
> even attempt to combat
> this sort of marketing is to leverage off other
> (more popular) free software
> products.
> Can anyone tell me if there has been any effort to
> try and get the Jabber
> server and a good client distributed with Redhat? 
> Any other Lunix
> distributions?  Is the server code stable enough to
> distribute this way yet?
> Is there any way we can use Microsoft's "icon on
> every desktop" strategy
> against them?
> Also, is there any point going down the IETF path
> again?
> Michael.
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