[JDEV] mod_auth_pam [was: mod_auth_crypt]

Robert Norris rob at nauseum.org
Tue Aug 7 01:07:20 CDT 2001

> > Has anyone done any work on a mod_auth_pam? Ooh, interesting code idea.
> > I need a new project ;)
> I don't care much if we duplicate our work a little; Learning pam is
> something I want to do for a long time now.  BTW, using pam aren't allow
> us to use any kind of authentification allowed by PAM?  Including all
> the config options?  I think the only trouble will be with mod_registry
> who will need to authenticate first before registering the new user.

Yes, a mod_auth_pam would authenticate against PAM, which would then
authenticate using whatever scheme or system you have it configured for.
And I have been wanting to learn PAM for a while also.

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