[JDEV] Re: OOB filetransfer negotiation

Julie jmok at elegant.ca
Tue Aug 14 12:29:08 CDT 2001

Jens, thanks a lot for your message.  It does solve the problem.  However, is there
any other way that a file transfer can be done?  Perhaps sending the whole file
directly to the other client?  Is there a way to send a file to the client,
bypassing a filewall, since we can now find out the IP address of the other client?


> Yes — run a tiny HTTP server on the sending client that can deliver the
> file to the recipient. Then the sender just creates a URL with its own
> IP address as the host. In my client I use a random port number and also
> make up a random 64-bit number to put in the URL before the name of the
> file, just to make it harder for a 3rd party to find the file (unless
> they intercept the Jabber message, in which case all bets are off.) So
> the URL I send would look like:
>         http://my.ip.address:randomportnumber/sixteenrandomhexdigits/nameoffile
> However, this only works if the receiver can make an HTTP connection to
> the sender, i.e. the sender is not behind a firewall or NAT.

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