[JDEV] Re: OOB filetransfer negotiation

Sebastiaan 'CBAS' Deckers cbas at screaming3d.com
Tue Aug 14 15:41:34 CDT 2001

> There are two workarounds that I know of to the firewall problem:
> (1) Sender uploads the file to a public server someplace, i.e. your
> storage area on your ISP account. Works best with FTP or WebDAV access.
> Then you send the receiver a URL to where the file got uploaded. I hear
> that some Jabber clients already support this.
> (2) Someone runs a public "relay server" that accepts connections from
> two machines that want to communicate, then relays socket traffic in
> both directions from one to the other. There is a prototype protocol and
> implementation at jabber.org (but I've lost the email that announced it.)

Or you could do the same thing that just about every P2P filesharing
protocol known to man does:
Step 1: ask for the non-firewalled user's IP and an opened port
Step 2: the firewalled user uploads the file directly to that port and IP

Yes, this only works when atleast one user is not-firewalled, but it's
better then what we have now (IM-not-so-HO)

So why is there no Jabber protocol thingy for this method?

Btw,  Using a third party server (WebDav, FTP or some sort of relay) seems
like madness to me. Who would let people suck up all that bandwidth? A
Jabber server sounds reasonable but a relayserver for a thousand people?
Yeah right.


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